The Eye

When Philip Bloom announced his Gratical Eye Film Competition, we were immediately inspired by the inherent contradiction of the eye. It is both our faithful reporter describing the world around us as is, while simultaneously being an aggregator of data without meaning, which we only inject after the fact. It is prone to tricks of the light and the mind. With that mindset, we spent the next two days brainstorming possible ideas, writing the narration, and coming up with our shot list. As with all good plans, things are bound to change and we ditched almost everything from our original list once we started filming. The leaf drop was the only concept that survived to the final cut, but it wasn’t a sure thing. We spent almost three hours over the course of two days trying to capture what we saw so clearly in our mind’s eye. Often times, we would wait between gust of wind for the water to return to motionlessness just to film a leaf falling outside of frame. But in the end, patience won the day and we walked off with the shot. :) Technical details: Shot on: Canon C100 Mark II Edited with: Adobe Premiere CC Color Grading: FilmConvert, Red Giant Magic Bullet Music: Filmstro Pro* * This was our first project using Filmstro Pro (recommended by Philip Bloom) and we were quite pleased with the results. In addition to having an easy to use interface, it made the process of scoring fun and delightful.

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